Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wheaton vs. Whedon & Dollhouse Death Watch update - ep 5

While we're doing this poll, that poll and our Whedonverse "March Madness Tourney" it's a good time to bring up another tourney that's been brought to my attention by @KristinaGerwig via Twitter. This is a Geek Madness Tourney which is in it's final round of Wheaton vs. Whedon. Wil Wheaton is winning at the moment but you know what? He beat Stephen Hawking apparently at some point, so I'm not sure there's much hope for our boy. Anywho, go over there and see what you can do.

In other news, let's talk Dollhouse episode 5. Even though "True Believer" picked up in the ratings, we still had several more "Realists" add themselves to the group that think DH isn't getting renewed. Here are the updated DDW standings.

Still a lot of optimism there and rightly so. Especially since the "remote-free tv" ad campaign Fox was running for Dollhouse is possibly being abolished. This will lead to shorter episodes which will bring down the budget of the show (but obviously less story.)

If you want to share an opinion of what you think is Dollhouse's fate and be added to the list above, see the following options and leave your choice of group in the comments:

Bitsy's Group (the S&M hard-core skeptics) - who's sure Dollhouse will not even make it to the 7th episode. [In 2 eps, this group will be out!]

Tara's Group (the bitter realists) - thinks FOX will show all 13 episodes ordered, but will then cancel it and thus, Dollhouse will not make it to season 2.

Michelle's Group (the starry-eyed optimists) - who believe that Dollhouse will show all episodes and even get renewed for a second season.


Steph said...

Sign me up for Michelle's group! I'm a total optimist for this show!

Anonymous said...

Please sign me up for Tara's group of realists. With the drop in ratings coming up due to BSG finale, Fox will have great reasons for dropping DH.

ben said...

Maybe I should wait to join in until the ratings from this Friday's ep [the much-hyped sixth episode] but I'm going to prove myself to be a complete and total optimist and go ahead and join Michelle's group now. How's that for starry-eyed?