Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Willow: At least we all worked together. It was like old times.

Xander : Yeah, especially with Angel being here and everything.

For your reading pleasure between servings of mashed potatoes, here's a few more Thanksgiving quotes from the Gang:

: Thanksgiving isn't about blending of 2 cultures. It's about one culture wiping out another. And then they make animated specials about the part where, with the maize and the big, big belt buckles. They don't show you the next scene, where all the bison die and squanto takes a musket ball in the stomach.

Anya: It's a ritual sacrifice, with pie.

Buffy: Pretty darn scary. It more like a riot than a Ralph's…I thought I was going to have to use slayer moves on this one woman who was completely hoarding the pumpkin pie filling.

Buffy: We don't say "indian."

Giles: Oh, right. Yes, yes. Um, always behind on the terms. Still trying not to refer to you lot as "bloody colonials."


Michael said...

My fav episode!! Just watched it today. Happy ritual Sacrifice day everyone:)

Harvin said...

Spike's expression in this picture... hahaha! Happy day of thanks everyone!

elainecleo said...

Love this ep, Spike: Spike has made a trip to the vet and now he does not chase the other puppies. This is one of the funniest eps in Buffy.