Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Holy Frakking Awesome!

I know I'm late to the game, but I just finished Battlestar Galactica and it was amazing! To me, nothing topped the friendship of Adama and Tigh - I was blown away by just about every scene they were in together - and Tahmoh Penikett was much more interesting to watch on this show (sorry). What else? Oh, I hated Starbuck, a lot, but it was the kind of hate that only comes from a show with good enough writing to make you so passionate about your hatred. I am feeling the sadness now that it's over, but it was worth every minute and here's to hoping Caprica can fill the void. So say we all. Love it!


Anonymous said...

I loved the series, until the end. The last episode was so bad, it created a wave of disgust that traveled back in time and tainted the entire series.

As a result, I can't even consider Caprica. Fool me once.

Michelle said...

I was warned about the last episode, but I didn't mind it. It wasn't the best and had some weird stuff in it, but my love for all the other amazing episodes outweighed the end for me. Love is blind, I guess.

heroine_tv said...

Welcome to the club! While I completely agree with you about Adama and Tigh's friendship, I must admit that I adore Starbuck. A lot. But that is what is so awesome about the show. It has such a large ensemble cast, and such a complex plot, that people can enjoy it in completely different ways. And yes, Tahmoh's character Helo was far more interesting than Paul. Oh, Helo. *Swoon*