Friday, November 5, 2010

Scott Allie Speaks on Buffy #39's Cover

Buffy #38 wrapped with Angel punching Buffy into a wall and announcing himself Twilight.  A lot of folks asked "Why was the cover for #39 withheld?"  Super Scott Allie gives us the answer:

"We know that at this point Buffy fighting Angel on a cover isn't the biggest surprise, but we wanted to conceal the #39 cover so as not to step on the final scene of #38. Now that #38 is out, we figured it made sense to reveal the complete cover right away. We're not expecting a marketing blitzkrieg, but we had to withhold the cover till now, and we always get lots of requests to see Jo's next cover ASAP, so we thought we'd get the cover out far and wide. If only we'd perfected the technique a little earlier ... "

And there you have it!

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