Saturday, May 21, 2011

Smidge's 'Ringer' to Air on CW Tuesdays this Fall

So yesterday, The CW confirmed that Sarah Michelle Gellar's new drama Ringer has been picked up on the network and will be aired with 90210 on it's Tuesday night line-up. Listen, between you and me I think these CW peeps are total fanboys and so whole reason they did that was because 90210 films at Torrance High School just like Buffy did for it's Sunnydale High. A little behind-the-scenes fan-drooling, if you will.

Aaanyway, as we've previously shared, SMG will be starring as Bridget, a recovering alcoholic, who after witnessing a murder is on the run from the mob. She hides out by assuming the life of her identical-twin sister named Siobhan, who has disappeared. Bridget soon learns that Siobhan's life was drama-filled and just as problematic as the one she's trying to get away from. Poor Bridget. Smidge is playing both roles at first which is highlighted in the fab photo that The CW released today. See below for that and a few other images and a preview of our girl back in action, where we like her.


Unknown said...

I cannot frigging wait for this show!

jeanotdupont said...

Glad SMG found a new gig.
I wish my favorite actress, Summer Glau, did the same.
More about Summer at
Summer Glau Wiki