Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Scott Allie Goes Tweet-Happy with Dark Horse's #WhedonWednesday

So @ScottAllie has posted the following 8 images of the upcoming Angel & Faith comic on his Twitter for their new weekly event, #WhedonWednesday:

In addition to that, Dark Horse's #WhedonWednesday is featuring another Ivy Blog entitled "Dollhouse: Who is Alpha now?" Go over to Dark Horse's blog to check it out.

Finally, Scott divulged the very important issue if you're a Spike lovah: "To those hungry for Spike news, the online story in August is almost entirely about Spike, hardly anyone else shows up."

And there you have it!

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Wei said...

this is great. I am really looking forward to the new A&F comics. just hope that Buffy will appear in the new issues and have meaningful interactions with the Angel. After all, the events in Twilight, again, teased us with the possibilities of happiness, and then taken away so forcefully in the most typical Whedon fashion.