Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Throwback Tuesday: 'The History of the Slayer' 1997 promotional clip

Oh god! The OG Willow...Ha! This awesome vid has been making the rounds. Most of the below is taken from the original Buffy unaired pilot. It was created back in the day to promote the then upcoming series and revealed the activities of certain Slayers in the United States between 1845 and Buffy.

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Fivezenses said...

lol they used footage from the unaired pilot and from the mock up to show the studio execs what the show would be about. Ahhh Joss was always so smart about that stuff.

Also anyone else notice that when Sarah is in the auditorium how cheesy her lines are? lol I swear it must have been written under 5 minutes her lines or else they would have made it much wittier.