Thursday, September 15, 2011

Neil Patrick Harris Receives Star on Walk of Fame with Joss Whedon at His Side!

Today NPH received the 2,448th star on the Walk of Fame, which was the 587th Hollywood star in the Television category. With him at the ceremony was his partner David Burtka, your master Joss Whedon and How I Met Your Mother co-star Jason "thiiiss close to being in the Whedonverse" Segel.

Jason was quoted as saying "Quite simply, he's the mostly wildly talented person I've ever been around. There's no jokes coming up in this part, this part's sincere: He can act and he can sing and he can dance, and he's a magician, and he can host and he can direct. Like Joss said, he has the kind of talent that people had in the old days when you had to actually be talented to be famous."

NPH's star can be found at 6245 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. See more pics here and here and video from the event here. Joss is in the background of that video and for the record he is NOT wearing the shirt.