Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ringer Re-Enacted with Dolls!

That's right. It's either genius or your worst nightmare...

Look it's no secret that we've been avoiding talking about Ringer on this here site. I've been hanging in there, barely, but Michelle hates it and Bitsy's barely watched it. It's not SMG's fault. She's still fabulous. But whatever we think the CW just picked up the show for a full season and that's good news for Smidge, so I'm going to try as long as I can. Meanwhile, a site named Guys & Dolls are getting their Ringer on and it's hysterical. One thing I'm pretty sure of is this will prolly make the whole experience more attractive!

She’s a cheating bitch who sleeps with married men!

1 comment:

skyroom80 said...

I first saw this last week. Hilarious! "Shiv, the antique is leaking." :-)

Not at all liking of "Ringer" but holding out for the addition of Jason Dohring. He might help?