Monday, July 30, 2012

CW President Mark Pedowitz Talks Sarah Michelle Gellar's Return To The Network

As we all know, CW's Sarah Michelle Gellar double-trouble thriller Ringer was cancelled last fall. But today at the network's TCA press tour session, the network's President Mark Pedowitz insinuated that Smidge might be back!

After stating that Ringer didn't do well on any of the the prime platforms (ratings, social media and digital...poor thing), he added:
"That said, the fans are still writing me, they want it [back] desperately… Sarah Michelle and I have had many discussions… and the one thing we did come away with is when she is ready she would love to come back to The CW. We would love to have her … either as an actress or as a producer."

I would just love to see Smidge back on TV doing something awesome. And like we've all been screaming, Supernatural cast addition anyone? Make it happen Pedowitz!


Unknown said...

Yes! It'd be great to have her as some kind of recurring character in Supernatural.

elainecleo said...

Please NO, did not like her as Buffy and Ringer was awful, don't ruin my favorite series with SMG.

hann23 said...

Ha!!! Great idea buffyfest. Yknow Misha and SMG had a really great scene together on Ringer. I wish that they had done more with that storyline.

Could you see Smidge as a black eyed demon? That would rock!