Saturday, August 18, 2012

CONTEST! We're Giving Away Spike #1!

So as you know by now that sexy vampire badass known as Spike, Spoike, William the Bloody, Blondie Bear, Captain Peroxide, etc. is getting his own Dark Horse title dropping this coming Wednesday August 22nd. We've read Spike #1: A Dark Place and it's so great we're giving away 5 digital copies! Dark Horse has graciously armed us with these treasures and all you have to do to win one is one of the following:

  • Follow us on Twitter, RT and tweet why you love (or love to hate) Spike.
  • Friend us on Facebook, share the contest link and comment on why you love (or love to hate) Spike.
  • Or simply join our mailing list on the right (make sure to finalize by checking your inbox and activating the subscription.)
And yes, you can do all three to enter three times!
All entries must be submitted by 10:59pm EST on August 21st. Promo codes will be emailed to the winners early on August 22nd.

From Dark Horse Comics:

"Having fought to regain his soul after falling in love with the Slayer Buffy, the once-terrifying vampire villain Spike has been a bit less fearsome (to humans, at least). On his own adventure, Spike is forced to examine the man he once was, the man he is now, and the man he still hopes to become.  

As master of a steampunk ship filled with loyal, oversized alien cockroaches, Spike embarks on a journey to the dark side of the moon, setting into motion an adventure filled with demons, witches, and others who brew new evil in the world without magic! 

Spike visits the dark side!"

And don't forget, Dark Horse Digital is having a sale this weekend on all things Buffy for .99 this weekend! Click here to catch up before Spike #1 comes out.

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