Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Can't Stop the Serenity Auction is On!

Can't Stop The Serenity's annual auction on e-Bay is always the last event of the year. All the money goes to Equality Now. California Browncoats are running the auction this year and they have apparently donated a ton of great stuff! 47 Lots! It runs the gamut from Firefly to Buffy to Star Trek to Xena. Some examples include:

  • A Crew Tshirt from Buffy's 100 episode "The Gift" 
  • A crew Baseball Cap from Buffy's season 6 finale "Grave"
  • A rare Season 3 Buffy promo card sent out by the WB.
  • Signed copies of the "Superstar"script written by Jane Espenson
  • An unpainted Spike action figure given to Blood Donors at San Diego Comic Con
  • Tree double-sided movie posters of Much Ado About Nothing, donated by Lionsgate. Putting one up on your wall would be cool enough but one is signed by Joss Whedon, Tom Lenk, Clark (I'm not dead) Gregg, Alexis Denishof and Amy Acker. 
  • A Jayne pack with a Ma Cobb knitted hat, a Jayne action figure and a Jaynestown "Hero of Canton" out-of-print poster signed by Adam Baldwin.
  • Glossy photos signed by Jewel Staite, Alan Tudyk, Dichen Lachman and Felicia Day. 
  • Browncoat fanpacks which might have an Inara tea caddy or music from the Bedlam Bards or a Serenity Comic or some Firefly inspired earrings or a QMX money pack, etc. They are all different.
Maybe you are a fan of Supernatural, Stargate, the Vampire Diaries or Warehouse 13? They have lots of items from those shows as well over there. And if you aren't a fan, they would make a great gift for someone! The auction runs till noon Pacific, Tuesday November 26th. Go out there and win something!


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Lioness said...

While the California Browncoats are all kinds of awesome for running the auction this year, they didn't donate the items. There is a long list of sponsors from regular Browncoats to Jane Espenson to Creation Entertainment to Lionsgate who donated the shiny.