Tuesday, July 29, 2014

SDCC Day 4: Famous Bros, Broken Toes and Last Day Woes...

This is a little belated since we're already home, broken and jet lagged...but while we're getting all of our interviews edited we still wanted to recap our final day of Comic Con!

After waking up early, we headed over to the Supernatural Hall H line (Thanks so much to Tommy for holding our spot!) So lucky because that line was bonkers, as usual. But little did we know what surprises were ahead!

Like for instance how when frantically running at the Hall H line, I got turned around, bumped into someone who then accidentally stepped on my foot and broke 2 of my toes!

After seeing stars, we finally got on the line at which point Misha Collins (aka Supernatural's Castiel) came out and hung out with thousands of screaming fans on the line...taking pics, signing stuff, etc. Then he brought out coffee for everyone for like 2 hours! When he finally got by us, he graced Buffyfest's Ryan a cup 'o joe. It was AWESOME! And behind him was a bunch of assistants wearing coffee aprons with different little compartments saying "more cream? Sugar? Stirrer? Napkin?" Good service! Heh.

Misha Collins in the Hall H crowd. So brave!

The Cas Coffee Cup!

SPN Cosplayers!

On to the panel, I've said this before, but the single best thing about procuring a press pass is the Hall H experience. You still have to wait on line like everyone else, but even if youre at the back of the line it's ok because when you DO get in you can walk allll the way to the front Press Box where you get this vantage point:

Our Amazing Press Box Angle!

The Supernatural Panel:

So, that panel was awesome. I swear all the SPN guys are cuter than ever. Panel included EP Jeremy Carver, hottie Jensen Ackles, cutie Jared Padalecki, coffee fairy Misha Collins and the hilarious Mark Sheppard aka Badger. They showed a clip from S.10 and a blooper reel. The actor that plays Kevin Tran even pranked them by showing up on the Q&A line!

SPN's Osric Chau in the audience!

After that, we planned on hitting the Nintendo Gaming Lounge at the Marriot (which was great) but we got sidetracked along the way by a fellow con-goer who expressed concern over my ever blackening toes. Guess they really were broken! Thought I was just being dramatic. Off to First Aid, who were helpful but their bedside manner could use a little work. Guess they had the SDCC Sunday blues. Either way, thanks for your help, Comic Con medic squad!

Proving I may be becoming a better geek than Joss Whedon himself, I power limped through the crowd determined to not let some broken appendages ruin my Comic Con. Turns out Joss had been injured in London and decided to stay back, canceling his Marvel panel appearance and his scheduled Sunday 1:30 signing in one fell swoop. But maybe I don't deserve too much credit because it was at this point we decided it was best to skip Buffy "Once More, With Feeling" sing-along. I didn't think standing on line anymore was a good idea. Wah! Heard it was a good time though!

After playing some games in the Nintendo Gaming Lounge, that was pretty much it! Took the trolley out of the crowds and headed back to the east coast. We're editing all of our videos now, so check back for our exclusive interviews with Nick Brendon, Scott Allie and more!

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