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So do you guys hate me??? I am a month late on this review. The Holiday Season was uber busy and I just could not focus my shit to write a review. But I'm back!!! Also --- Happy New Year!!

Ok onto the review --- Issue 10 features the return of a (maybe) beloved character --- Harmony. Harmony was played by the child actress Mercedes McNab featured in The Addams Family movies. In Addams Family 1, she played the unnamed girl scout. In Addams Family Values (part 2, really) she played the same role, which is the object of Wednesday Addams' hatred --- Amanda Buckman. Do you remember Wednesday and Pugsley hijacking their camp's production of the First Thanksgiving? Mercedes McNab gets burned at the stake. Mercedes was really memorable playing a ditzy, oblivious, yet very fortunate waspy white girl. She was the girl you had fun hating. I was really happy to see her have a role on Buffy and I was glad the character was not far off.

In this issue, Buffy, Willow, and Dawn take a spa day. The girls leave the Book of Vampyr in the hands of Joey and Chandler....errrr...Spike and Xander. While Spike and Xander are babysitting said Book, Harmony comes over for a visit. Really, Harmony wants to rewrite the Book of Vampyr HER WAY.

Uhhh ...great!
The jokes are funny. The art is really wonderful. I feel that Rebekah Isaacs' art is in great form. Her drawings have a suave fluidity to them. I felt that she has really grown in her role as the artist for this book. In some ways, I feel that the artist of this or any book always plays the director of the story. She has a great sense of the look and vibe.

The story is fun. It's a good issue to have right around the Holidays. (I know this be so late). This issue kind of reminded me of that classic Alan Moore penned story for Superman --- "For The Man Who Has Everything." In that story, Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman go over to Superman's Fortress of Solitude - to find Superman in (as the wiki puts it) a vegetative state. Superman has a plant on him that keeps him in a dream state. In the dream, Superman envisions life had he not ever left Krypton and how life might've been different.

This story is not as heavy-handed, but we do get to see the inner life of someone like Harmony and a bit of Spike's at the end too. It's fun and sweet. Not the greatest most profound Buffy tale ever told, but enjoyable nonetheless. Those moments are just as important too.

See you soon for Issue 11!!!!

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