Thursday, October 1, 2015

Nicholas Brendon, You So Crazy (Part 5).

Nicholas Brendon, our dear Xander Harris, has been arrested 5 times in a not very long period of time and we think he needs some help, love and support!

On Wednesday night, Police charged Nicky with third-degree robbery, a felony, two counts of criminal mischief and one count of obstruction of breathing in Wednesday's arrest in Saratoga Springs, NY. This is all after an apparent altercation with his girlfriend.

From AP:
The girlfriend told police officers who were called to a downtown hotel on Wednesday night that she had gone to return property to Brendon and told him she intended to leave, Jillson said. But Brendon objected, grabbed her car keys and then threw her cellphone into the street when she tried to call for help, a police report said. 

"It sounds like it went downhill from there," Jillson said. "He allegedly grabbed her by the throat and started choking her." Brendon, who has been arrested multiple times over the past year, was gone when officers arrived but was arrested a short while later a few blocks away. Jillson said alcohol was involved but he didn't know if Brendon was intoxicated. 

Brendon, who's from Sherman Oaks, California, was released from jail Thursday after posting a $20,000 bond. It was unclear if he had a lawyer who could comment for him, and no telephone number for his booking agent could be found. 

Brendon posted bail and is due back in court on Tuesday. Good luck, dude!

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