Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bad News (Dollhouse) & Good News (Dr. Horrible)

I'll give you the bad first. There are problems on the Dollhouse set. Big ones. First Off, Joss shuts down production all together to work on scripts. According to Zap2it:

"Joss directed two of the three episodes already shot, he has not had sufficient time to be in the writers room and tailor the upcoming scripts to his liking."

Read the full details of that scoop here: Zap2it exclusive

That article is all positive and gushy and it's no big deal-ey...but follow that up with this whammy from

"However, some executives at the Fox network are worried that Mr. Whedon may not have his “Dollhouse” in order.

Specifically, because the heroine of the show, played by Eliza Dushku, has no free will or ability to do much beyond what she’s told to do, viewers might find it hard to root for her. In addition, some executives have expressed concerns that early episodes of the series have been confusing and hard to follow."

Linkage: Tv Week

Fox they suck, they suck!!! Why do they try to control Joss's work? Do they do this to JJ Abrams? And Joss might have too much on his plate too. And Ugh, if this can't be managed then I'm certainly never going to be in the theater with a big ol' tub of popcorn watching a Buffy movie, am I?

Let's cleanse that mess with the good news. Drumroll: The Dr. Horrible Soundtrack debuted on the Billboard top 200 Albums at #39! Unbelievable. Go Joss! Must be so proud since he loves the music. Here's the proof:


Bitsy said...

Agree re: JJ Abrams. His new pilot, Fringe, was so obtuse and confusing that I'm shocked it made it's way to air. In fairness though, I haven't had much faith (get it?) in the concept for Dollhouse from the start. I hope I'm wrong but this news only seems to confirm the concerns I've been having all along.

Jayunderscorezero said...

I have to concur with Bitsy. I've had my concerns over Dollhouse and its basic premise - that its main character is essentially someone with no personality - from the start. Still, that doesn't mean I want to see it run into all these problems before even airing.

Tara said...

I feel the same exact way. And if there is going to be all of these issues, Joss doesn't seem to have the luxury of it staying behind the scenes. Maybe it's because of his fanbase, or maybe it's because people are expecting them to fail (him because of fox/firefly - her because of tru calling/bad movies).

Jizzka said...

i don't think rooting for the Echo character is going to be a problem, this show isnt just about a bunch of dolls being played around, it's about a doll's "awakening," basically, Echo is starting to figure out that she's actually somebody in the midst of all her missions and stuff. I have full Faith in Joss. And I agree with Tee ^, Fox + Joss = bad history, it's no wonder people are being skeptical. Love the blog by the way, lol. =)