Friday, September 12, 2008

We're having a contest!

It's the Whedonverse Haiku Review contest and it could win you a very cute goodie bag full of stuff. Some of the things are left over from our own Buffyfests. Some are from the now extinct OMWF Sing-along gift bag. It's cute want it and we want to give it to you.

So here are the rules:
  1. Write a "haiku review" of any Whedonverse episode or season. Can be Buffy, Angel, Dr. Horrible, Firefly...even Serenity. Whatever inspires you. Your haiku should be in the form of 17 syllables broken into three lines of five, seven, and five syllables.
  2. Post your haiku in the comments section along with what you’re basing it on.
  3. Submissions must be received by Sunday, September 28 to be part of the contest.
Now, just to get the ball rolling, here are a few of our own examples:
The Master killed me
but he didn't kill my strength
another is called
Prophecy Girl

A gift for my Dawn
A gift for my Destiny
A gift for my Life
Buffy Season 5 or The Gift
OK, let's do this! Come up with your own haikus and put them in the comments!


Jayunderscorezero said...

Odd that I should discover this contest on the same day that I discover this.

Incidentally, here's one just from the top of my head:

Spike's now "The Doctor"?
Riley says that things a bear?
What the heck, people?!
As You Were

Jayunderscorezero said...

D'oh. I should have put an apostrophe in "things".

Michelle said...

Yay, our first contestant. Good one!

Angry_Clown said...

Sunnydales gone
The scoobies always live on
The hellmouth no more


Maybe one more.

She wanted a life
she couldn't have one at all
she is the slayer

:Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I hope they are Haiku's lol I'm following your instructions lol.

Anonymous said...

Xander cavalry
Most endearing coma yet
Buffy's sword mighty

Becoming Part II, Buffy Season 2

Tara said...

OOh these are good so far! Bitsy, put yours up!

Michelle said...

Oh, Bitsy! So funny.

Tara said...

Those "Five Haikus about fairly awful sitcoms." are hee.....

Ivan said...

"Prophecy Girl"
By: Clem

Red Cool-Aid on mouth
Might to take over the world
The Master comes soon

David Mello said...

I am the dark lord!
Tremble before me! Fear me!
Hey, whose foot is....OUCH!

The last words of Gachnar, obviously, from "Fear, Itself"

By the way, please visit my blog. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

he felt like he's mine
when he stood, kissed me (game face)
guess that means he's yours

Enemies, Faith POV

- - -


~ Aiseene

Michelle said...

Eeseene that was really emotional. These are going to be tough to choose from.

David Mello said...

I sold my soul for
The Evil League of Evil
Only a Penny.

Michelle said...

Wow, really clever impaler general. Poor Penny.

Daniel said...

Xander saves the world;
more significant, gets laid.
No one's the wiser.

"The Zeppo"

emessar said...

Buffy, Hush

They stole our voices
But we have so much to say
Let the princess scream