Sunday, November 2, 2008

Blogging By Mail Package: What we received

We decided to join a swap type thing run by Stephanie at Dispensing Happiness called "Blogging by Mail". We sent a package of 10 things (Buffy related, of course) to one person and received a package from someone entirely different. Well, we wanted to post about our package right away...but with Halloween taking over the last few days, we didn't have a chance to all get together to open the box. Now that we have, here is the swap gift which came from Tuli in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Her blog is Check it out!1. A cute notepad
2. Strawberry Twizzlers
3. Caramel Nips
4. White Tea
5. Dove Milk Chocolate Bars
6. A puzzle of Maria Gern Germany
7. A 2009 mini calendar of Coastlines
8. Lavendar Candle
9. Hand made Tea Towel
along with
10. Hand made apron to match with pea pods all over it! These are quite retro and Anthropologie-ish.

Thanks Tuli, I think we here at Buffyfest will all get together sometime soon for a tea party and eat all the goodies while watching some Buffy episodes.

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