Sunday, November 30, 2008

Official: Joss Whedon announces Buffy Movie!!!

Yes, I'm lying. Yes, my pants are on fire but imagine for a moment if that were true. You've already seen more than one article where the success of Twilight was used to posit the theory that executives at Fox might consider bringing Buffy back to the big screen for the first time since it flopped in 1993. You've seen for yourself that vampires are back in a big way all over the place. You know that both the Buffy and Angel comics have been selling extremely well.

There's something fishy going down in fandom town though. Every time an article gets posted about the possibility of a Buffy movie fans seem to respond with an overwhelming "meh". Whether it's an argument over why the actors wouldn't do it, questions of comic continuity, hoping Joss is too busy with Dollhouse, or just insisting that Buffy can't be done in movie form it's become clear that a lot of fans have written off the idea of a film franchise.Continue Reading...
If you are one of those people I want you to try something: be optimistic. Rather than thinking of why a movie can't, won't or shouldn't happen, think about what would happen if it did. If the title of this post were 100% interweb truefax you would collectively lose your damn minds in a universal orgasm of fan joy that would literally cause the earth to quake and you know it.

This can happen. It was a decade between the last episode of Star Trek and it's first motion picture. Many of those actors went on to do other things and most of them in that decade talked about how much they hated the show and hated each other. You know what happened after that? Six movies! Six!!! That doesn't even touch on the films for the subsequent spinoff. It happened because fans wanted it to and because top executives saw dollar signs. With all the success of other vampie franchises we've already got that second part tied up in a bow. Let yourself think of what you'd like to see in a Buffy movie, smile to yourself, and then share your thoughts here in ye olde section for comments.


David Mello said...

There could be lots of reasons why you can't turn "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" into a movie franchise. The first reason is the movie made in 1992 (and just prime for the Rifftrax/MST3K treatment...Buffy in the audience). The second being the whole cast have gone on to bigger and better things.

I have always thought the best idea is a mini-series in place of a "season 9" comic book. After that, you can have a "Slayers: The Next Generation" movie or two. It wouldn't be too hard to have an organization of Slayers world-wide, and you devote one movie to New York, one in London, and so forth. Joss Whedon can start it off, then pass it on to his minions from Jane Espenson to Drew Goddard, Tim Minear and David Fury. I bet if Sarah Michelle Gellar says yes to another go-round as the Slayer, that will get people excited.

Besides, "Twilight" got much less business in its second week compared to its first. It lost the number one spot to "Four Christmases". Harry Potter would never let that happen.

By the way, thanks for the response to my comment in Whedonesque to Joss about how the Dr. Horrible DVD is coming soon. I thought it was a fair question about whether he's seen Twilight. It's gotten more buzz than Buffy ever got, even in her second and third seasons. While Edward and Bella are the "it" couple this week, Buffy and Angel are a couple for the ages.

Sla said...

"If the title of this post were 100% interweb truefax you would collectively lose your damn minds in a universal orgasm of fan joy that would literally cause the earth to quake and you know it.

You know what, that's totally true, and I hate you for that XD Personally, I'd love a Buffy/Angel film (more money = great effects under Whedon touch) So I'm in, I want a Buffy movie!... please.

Tara said...

Me too! The gods know I'd probably lay down and die if a Buffy movie was announced. Especially a Buffy/Angel crossover extravaganza! I'd die. Wouldn't even get to see the damn film cause I'd be dead.

And yes, Impaler, Edward and Bella might be hot right now, but Buffy and Angel will remain. I wish he would've answered your question. Make the movie Joss! Don't make us come over there!

As you hear some rumblings over in Hollywoodland, Impaler...we want to be the first to know!

Anonymous said...

i loved it lol you should go on

and slayalive and post this.
I wonder if joss actually looks at the forums

Jayunderscorezero said...

I for one would love a BtVS movie, but I think a continuation of the series (a la the Star Trek films that you mentioned) would be a bad idea. There'd be just too many issues to work through: the perhaps less-than-willing-to-return cast, the comic book continuity, the fact that you'd be predominantly appealing to a limited fan base rather than a more mainstream audience...

They've become a somewhat annoying trend of late, but perhaps something more in line with one of those tv show "reimagining" films (hopefully more in line with say, the new Battlestar Galactica tv series than the new Bewitched film). They have a tendency to be not particularly good, but it'd be interesting to see a completely new take on the franchise.

Anonymous said...

Since Twilight did well and was retarded, it would make sense that a well written story such as a Buffy/Angel movie would do better. I can't believe that there isn't more buzz online about how twilight is generally a total rip off of Buffy and Angel. There are fairly easy ways of getting around some of the issues with a movie so long after the show. In the comics Angel becomes human so that could subsequently account for his age before turning back to a vampire. Both Sarah and David have apparently gone on the record as being willing to bring the characters to the big screen. There are other problems, but likewise there are other solutions. There have even been arguments about how the X-Files flopped, but that doesn't have the fan base that Whedon does. Anything that guy does ends up having a following.