Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dollhouse Death Watch update - ep 4 "Gray Hour"

According to This week's ep of Dollhouse was another ratings dip:
"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" and "Dollhouse" both fell for the fourth week in a row.
"Terminator" was down 17% this week in the demo (3.0 million viewers, 1.0 preliminary adults 18-49 rating and 4 share) and "Dollhouse" dropped another tenth (3.5 million, 1.5/5). T:SCC is done but I'll save that sadness for another sad post.

Re: Dollhouse - I really liked "Gray Hour". Sure, it had it's problems (I have absolutely no fricken clue wtf is going on with Ballard) but I was entertained in a way that the first 3 episodes didn't really satisfy. Michelle was less thrilled, but we agreed that it was definitely the finest hour of Dollhouse yet. Doesn't help the ratings at all what we think, therefore I give you:

Optimists are still chiming in and it's fantastic! They hold 62% of the vote and climbing. Luckily, once DVR viewership gets added into the ratings, it should be a bit higher. "Gray Hour" is also sitting pretty at #4 on the itunes chart at the moment, so that's great news as well. Michelle just might be winning this thing...and if she wins, we all win too, no?

Again, if you're just finding this now and are totally confused, let me clarify. We don't want Dollhouse to die, but we Buffyfesters did wager a bit against each other in "The Dollhouse Death Watch". If you'd like to join in on the fun, just leave a comment in this post. You can choose between the following:

Bitsy's Group (the S&M hard-core skeptics) - who's sure Dollhouse will not even make it to the 7th episode. [Bitsy's group is almost out. Yipee!! Although, not for a way.]

Tara's Group (the bitter realists) - thinks douche bag FOX will show all 13 episodes ordered, but will then cancel it and thus, Dollhouse will not make it to season 2.

Michelle's Group (the starry eyed optimists) - who still believes that Dollhouse will show all episodes and even get renewed for a second season.


Anonymous said...

I did just find this, and I was puzzled, but having read the post, I find that, lo, I'm a Tara. I'm really loving the show, actually (I go into the reasons why on my blog), but no, I don't have much hope that Fox will renew it past this season.

Could they have picked a worse night than Friday for a Joss Whedon show? Joss Whedon is synonymous with long, involved story arcs, and Friday night is synonymous with getting out and having a life, or trying. Even hopeless geeks like me sometimes have something else to do on Friday nights besides watch TV. Thank the Powers That Be for Hulu, but will it be enough for Fox?

Tara said...

Adding you to my group then, Sgt. Tanuki!

I too hate the friday night decision. It's getting nicer out and staying home to watch DH in real time is getting less and less appealing. Even if it was doing great it would be.