Monday, March 23, 2009

SMG takes her top off for Mugsy

Interweb's own Brian Lynch is a hero of the people. Best known to the Buffy kids for his Spike comics and the brilliant Angel: After the Fall, he's managed to charm the pants off of everyone he's met both digitally and even in person. Long before that though, way, way back in 2001 when I was still but a young, nubile blogger unfettered by the years of jading that were to come, I happened upon Brian thanks to the boldly in the buff but respectfully circumcised Angry Naked Pat. As the name suggests, the titular character is angry, naked, and probably named Pat (I didn't pay too much attention to that last part because I was too mesmerized by his animated, bouncing peen).

I know what you're thinking. You're saying to yourself "Bitsy, why talk about this now and Smidge? Topless? 'Sup wit dat, yo?" Possibly you are offended, aroused, or a combination of the two. Fear not, weary blog travelers, for I will answer your questions. For those not in the Twitter know, Brian tweets (or has "twatted", if Stephen Colbert is your thang) with a fair amount of regularity and, on this day of days, he brought up his former protagnudist (you see what I did there? I combined protagonist with nudist... you... you get it. eh? eh?!!?) and shared the link to all the old digital shorts. As I was taking a trip down foggy memory lane, I remembered that in A Prinze Among Men Part 2 our intrepid vampire slayer makes a special guest appearance. I highly recommend checking all of the animated shorts out over at Camp Chaos when you have a spare second. You will not regret it... unless cartoon schwing schwongs make you feel icky... then you might want to take a pass. Yeah. Enjoy!


Tara said...

Hahaha! "Cartoon schwing schwongs" Hilarity!

Brian Lynch said...

Nice! Thanks for the write-up. I feel bad though for making Buffy go topless for even a second. Ah, younger me, how bold and raucous I was.

Bitsy said...

You are very welcome, sir. It's hard to believe that came out so long ago. As for naked Smidge... well, on the plus side, her animated bewbs are very pert so that's... complimentary, right? Obviously your intentions were good.

Meanwhile, I've got my fingers crossed that you'll find an artist interested in working with you on a new web comic.