Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Snark Report

So apparently a film starring Emma Caulfield (that's Anya for you kids playing the Buffyfest home game) is going to be at the Tribecca Film Festival. Entitled TiMER and with a tag line of You can't hurry love it's the always enjoyable combination of love story mixed wth quirky, questionably utopian future. It's rom com meets sci fi. It's rom fi. In it Emma plays Oona and, in a world where everyone wears an implant counting down to the day they will meet their true love, hers is blank. Could be worse right? At least she won't be getting left at the altar by any overweight carpenters this time... [source]

In other hilarious, snarky news, You are Dumb recently blamed Joss Whedon for a phenomenon known simply as the emo-ntage (a montage that takes place during the last five minutes of a television show showing where characters are and, oh, how mournful they are feeling, typically set to some sad bastard music like Coldplay). In fairness I recall Joss doing this to great affect at the end of Becoming II. Then again he did the same thing at the end of Shells and gosh but if I just didn't care Fred was dead at all. Feel free to site emo-ntage examples of your own and let us know if you think they worked or not.

And that's all from the Land of the Rising Snark. Stay tuned for your local weather.


Tara said...

Emo-ntages!! Did Joss really start this?

You know who does great emo-ntages? Scrubs. Particularly the "saddest episode of Scrubs ever" episode. You know the one...with Brandon Fraiser. And the song is something like "I picture yooou iin the sun,
wonderiiin'...what went wrong". Something like that. Emo-ntages rock and are lame at the same time!!! Love em!

Tara said...

Jeez! I stand corrected! Michael just put the musical smack down on me by letting me know the song is actually Winter by Joshua Radin. WTF? Excuse my ass. Am I not emo enough for you people!?!? It's not real emo anyway, if you want to get technical (like some people obviously do in this room.)


Anonymous said...

Tabula Rasa episode 8 season 6. That song at the end "Goodbye to you" from Michelle Branch. That was a sad episode.

Frank Hudson said...

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