Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last Night's Sunnydale HS Reunion (Pt. 1 - Back to High School Edition)

The Sunnydale HS Reunion last night at the JCC in NYC was a good, late 90's time! Met a lot of great Whedonverse fans. Don't want to give too many details away as there is still another event next week, but there was definitely a cool surprise or 2!

Upon arrival, you received a randomized Sunnydale Alum name and that was your name tag for the evening (photo at right). This came in to play later on during Trivia and stuff. There was trivia all night long and at the end the winning team received a box of stuff to hold a Buffy Sing-Along enough for 70 people! Also included in that prize box was a bunch of Whedonverse books and other loot. Fun!

Don't forget the "Bronze Edition" at Galapagos in DUMBO will be next Wednesday, June 4th. Have a feeling that event will be a lot crazier, since not only will there be booze involved, but it got a full page write up in this week's Time Out New York! Check that out here and here. If you want to attend, it might be best to reserve tix just in case. Go here for the full scoop on that.

See below for some more pics from last night:
Buffyfest in the house!

A "Buffy" hangs with the evil.

Clinton reading trivia questions with this little kid dancing beside him. There was a whole awesome Buffy loving Family there! What a cool household to grow up in.

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