Monday, May 18, 2009

The Sarah Connor Chronicles Has Been Terminated

As most of you already know, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has not been renewed for another season. Josh Friedman wrote a great closing letter to fans that you can read here. It was a thoughtful letter, but my grief still sits there like Poe's Raven, mockingly saying his stupid "Nevermore's" over and over again. So, here are my thoughts as I walk through the TV-induced 5 stages of grief:

1. Denial: I just don't think it's possible for such a quality show to be canceled. Isn't artistic integrity more important that money? And what about those DVR #'s? They were impressive for a Friday night, right? Right?!

2. Anger: The original post I had written yesterday would have reflected my anger pretty well, but it would have also sent lots of hateful comments floating my way. Let's just say I was uncharacteristically pissed off.

3. Bargaining: It's possible they could still put out a straight to DVD Season 3, right? Right?!

4. Depression: I can't believe it's not coming back. I'll never watch TV again.

5. Acceptance: I'm not here yet. Probably next Fall when I go to look at my DVR menu, I'll come across the name Sarah Connor Chronicles and finally realize the truth. Then, I'll put my finger to the remote and....delete program.


Anonymous said...

I know. I really fell in love this TSCC this season and now it's gone. And it's bittersweet, since other shows I loved were renewed and I want to be happy. But then this happens.

The_Brain said...

I was in denial for the past 2 or 3 weeks but now I've definitely reached the anger stage with the TTSCC's cancellation. Why does it keep happening to me, most of the shows I get attached to get prematurely taken off the air. I'm starting to think that I might be cursed or something...

Anyway, I'm still glad that Dollhouse will have a second season. If it wasn't for that show, I would have had replaced "Fox" by "Playboy TV" a long time ago (Yes I'm that bitter...)

Sla said...

is it true?

Michelle said...


I looked around and didn't find anything definite about the Sci-fi network. I hope you know that now I have to blame you for putting me back in Stage 1: Denial.