Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Are you there Joss, It's Me Dean? Supernatural *Spoilers*

It's no secret over here that Bitsy and I are huge fans of the show Supernatural (Dammit Bobby!), so when I saw an article that fused the world of Dean and Sam (Dammit Sammy!) with that of the Whedonverse, I couldn't help but get excited.

*Spoilers Below*
If you're following the show, you know all too well that the themes of good and evil are being played out in the murky grayness of angels and demons in this year's season of Supernatural. We've finally met the scorned face of Lucifer, but who, if anyone, will play the face of God?

Scifiwire took a stab at answering just that and came up with this list that includes a bunch of Whedonverse alum, including the PTB himself. I personally like the idea of it being a woman, ala Dogma, so I would choose Summer Glau if I had to pick off this list. Of course, they'd save a lot of money in merchandising if they'd just go with Joss.


Steph said...

If they were to pick Joss then my head would most likely explode because of the awesome. I think NPH would also make a great God.

But if not, I'm totally with you Michelle, I think God should be a woman.

Michelle said...

Oh! What about Smidge? It'd not only be amazing because it's Buffy playing god, but then Bitsy would be one step closer to his dream of the Bean.

SpikeGhost said...

personally i think it should be able to change form (a little like the first in Buffy) and to pass from man to woman if it wants.
and of course Joss Whedon is the only logical choice if they decide to make it a man :P