Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top 13 Whedonverse Search Phrases of 2009

It might go without saying, but many people land here on Buffyfest through search engines like Google and Yahoo. People search for all sorts of things that bring them to this little blog, from the unfortunately obvious ("big breasted vampire lesbian slayer porn free movies"), to the sort of unrelated ("I am Russian, hear me roar"), to really long and rambling ("buffy saves willow from an ordinary vampire, but loses track of jesse with kendra murdered by drusilla, willow in the hospital with head trauma.") and just plain funny ("kuzuifail!").

So what are the most popular searches that bring Whedonverse seekers here, you ask? Well now that it's near the end of the year, we thought it would be fun to answer that question and compile a list of the top search Keywords of 2009. So besides the term "Buffyfest" in some form, here is a list of the top 13 search phrases of the year:

1. 'buffy/angel watching guide' or "buffy/angel episode order"
2. 'and then buffy staked edward the end'
3. 'dollhouse theme song'
4. 'david boreanaz cheating'
5. 'dr horrible september nyc'
6. 'buffy vs twilight'
7. 'angel/buffy star-crossed lovers'
8. 'buffy tarot'
9. 'buffy ds'
10. 'charisma carpenter leaving angel'
11. 'angel aftermath'
12. 'yummy sushi pajamas'
13. 'sarah michelle gellar howard stern'

Poor Boreano. I mean his bad press came at the end of the year and there it is, right towards the very top of the list.

And WTF does 'angel/buffy star-crossed lovers' even mean, anyway? Oh, after further research, it points to a quote made by Joss over here, but that's pertaining to the Twilight books/movies. Neither he, nor anyone on this blog actually wrote that search phrase in full, so where did that come from? The internets are just so odd.

This last one brought just a single visitor: "buffy:the vampire slayer counter productive" - that just may have been mine! Still won't stop any of us here at Buffyfest from blogging on straight into 2010.


Otto said...

I love your work guys. I just refound the love to Buffy and Angel, and your blog is my main source from all things Joss. I learned about firefly and Dr Horrible, and how the buffyverse hasn't died.

Please, keep doing this. I know this isn't much but I'm grateful to know that there aré others crazies that think that Buffy IS one of the best shows ever and to stand all the
mockery by my friends when I say that.

Again, congratulations. Your aré doing amazing

otto voss, mexico

mbatz said...

Heh. I like #2 - although I am a Twilight fan:) Yep. Still probably used that search myself to check out the Buff/Edward mash up that everyone's seen. "Why are you here, talking to me like we're talking buddies" :) Funny stuff. And yeah, the internet is strange.