Sunday, January 10, 2010

Scott Allie Speaks About Twilight-gate (Spoilers)

It's been 24 hours since Twilight-gate broke and we had the opportunity to follow up with Scott Allie on the phone today.

- Scott reiterated what he said on Twitter yesterday. After the solicitations were linked on Whedonesque, Joss and Scott had a conversation and decided that it was best to come out with the truth rather than mislead the fans which is why we broke the story yesterday. Scott said "The reason Joss felt that we had to come out and jump on it and really get in front of it was because Whedonesque had already posted the pictures...When we saw the Whedonesque page, we felt we had to respond."

- (Spoilers for Issue #31) In anticipation of Buffy #31 which comes out Wednesday: "It's such a good issue...Buffy and Xander have a conversation about Xander and Dawn and it's such a great conversation. It's so true to Buffy." (End Spoilers)

- By now, we've probably all seen the image to the right. Thanks Brian Lynch! Scott told us he
had spoke to Chris Ryall about the image before it was released and, in fact, was the first to comment on Brian's blog with, "Never mind Spuffy or Bangel or Spangel ... I'm all about SPILIGHT!" Let the fanfic writing commence.

- On Monday, Scott will have his next interview with Mtv. They're going to unveil another exclusive Twilight cover, as well. If you don't want to be spoiled any further, Scott warns not to visit on Monday. From the description of the picture he gave to us, we're really excited to see how this Twilight thing unravels. What is that? Do we know what the image looks like? We sure do, but we ain't tellin'.

**Update: The cover being posted to Mtv tomorrow was also done by Jo Chen, for those who are curious.


mbatz said...

Okay, I'm much calmer now:) I don't know...this seems like a giant prank to me. That might just be wishful thinking, but being a long time comic reader, I've never seen such a big reveal get this FUBARed so far in advance of an issue. It smacks of April Fools.

ryan marshall said...

well eventhough the cat got out of the bag unintended there still is alot of things on how you know what even is Twilight. Season 8 is going to new heights!

everyone check out the fanmade Whedonverse Magazine! including articles about Buffy, Angel and anything Joss Whedon really.

Melinda said...

I don't know how it could be 'April' fool, the thing's coming out in March.