Thursday, January 14, 2010

Top 5 Reasons Why it's Awesome that 'You-Know-Who' is Twilight

(Beware: Twilight Spoilers) It's been a long, drama-filled week filled with the craziness of fandom mixing with the craziness of business. As the dust begins to (finally) settle on all of this madness, it's time to focus on the excitement of the story and from what we've found out this week, it sure is exciting. Some won't agree, of course, but for those of you who do, here are our Top Five reasons why having Angel as Twilight a.k.a Twangel (tm) is going to be amazing.

5. It's Angel. The man who's been chosen by the PTB to help the helpless/hopeless. There was even snow involved! He hasn't been doing so much of that as Twilight and we want to know why, dammit!

4. Two words: Buffy's reaction.

3. Every other character's reaction: Will Xander pull a "Revelations" ala Season 3? Will Faith return the favor and try to bring Angel to his senses? Will Dawn reach back into her fake memories to see how she should feel? Will Giles dust off his trusty cross bow? Will Oz stay silent and just nod? Does Willow have a leg to stand on when it comes to pointing fingers? We want to know!

2. The fan reaction: I've never seen so many people be so completely off the map that it might just be the best thing ever. Whether people were excited, angry, yelling, laughing, crying, doing a snoopy dance, declaring Joss a crackfic writer... it's been years since I've seen nerds get this up in a tizzy. Even if the comics weren't entertaining on their own, this insanity alone would be worth the price of admission. -Bitsy

And the number 1 reason why it's Awesome that it's Twangel: Joss, your Master (if you have the Tshirt, that is), has been working on this story...four years in the making. The big guy must have really wanted to tell it and now we really, really want to hear it.


Cool Hip [InyRules] said...

I've gotten over my initial anger at being spoiled so close to the "big reveal," and am very excited to see how this story will unfold.

I love all of your reasons why Twangel is going to be amazing, and kudos for finding that SMG picture to match Jo Chen's cover. My eyes immediately went there. And then I chuckled at the expression on her face.

The Jo Chen cover with all the characters for your reason #3 is just beautiful. I can't wait to find out WTF is going on.

Tim Knight said...

I'm sure it's going to be a great story as you say, but I'd rather have experienced the surprise reveal for myself than have seen it in a blogpost headline.

For my money, it was just a cheap publicity stunt by Dark Horse (a company I usually have a lot of time for) to drum up more sales... regardless of the fact that they were spoiling the twist for many readers.

Tara said...

Thanks for the SMG photo kudos, Iny. Michelle made me do it and wow, the comic image really does look like that scene from Innocence. Prolly one of the saddest scenes in the 'verse. Poor Buffy.

And Acrobatic Flea, I don't know what the problem is at this point. The headline is spoiler-free. Then there is a spoiler tag right after that. I totally censored it for Twitter. I don't get it.

Michelle said...

I knew it! I knew those pics would match up. Once I saw that Jo Chen cover I immediately thought of Buffy's 'scrunch' face in "Innocence". It looks awesome. Thanks, Tara!

mbatz said...

I'd rather see more of the Tabula Rasa pic reaction:)

Side note: March Madness approaches...tournament time??

Best villians?

Michelle said...

Funny, mbatz, Tara and I were just talking about the approach of March Madness. Exciting!

TMJ said...

To Tara

It sure does look great, Tara, and course Twilight is like Buffy!!!

From TMJ

Cool Hip [InyRules] said...

Lol @ "scrunch face." I also liked the bit about Dawn reaching back into her fake memories.

And holy Jesus, Wilow has some epic cleavage going on in the Tabula Rasa screencap.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that those top five reasons are only making me more excited. Like "squeal and do cartwheels" kind of excitement.

I'm curious whether Buffy would react to Twilight's identity by punching him in the face of some sorts. Heh.

Emmie said...

This post is fantastic! I agree with all your posts.

Please just stop about being spoiled. If you are incapable of reading the multiple spoiler warnings the writers have put on all their posts about this subject, than that it your fault, not theirs.

Plus, its cleary not spoiled in the headline.

Skytteflickan88 said...

Maybe having the title make it clear that the post will be about Twilight, while having a picture of Angel just below, is a bit spoiler-ish.

Anonymous said...