Friday, February 26, 2010

Eliza May Star in Ghostbusters 3; Upcoming 'Kickass' Joss Whedon Film

2 pieces of info hit the internets today courtesy of Hollywood Life and Eliza Dushku's mouth itself. She *may* be appearing in the *rumored* upcoming sequel to the Ghostbusters series, Ghostbusters 3. Dan Aykroyd apparently wants her in it and hey, they are old friends. Actually, I remember this coming up before. That's right, it was almost a year ago that Aykroyd was quoted as wanting both Dushku and Alyssa Milano in the third film as they had recently done voice over for the GB video game. I feel like this is almost certainly going to happen. I wonder how Bitsy will feel about all this, since it's one of his favorite film franchises of all time.

Even bigger news was Eliza also said she and Joss have been thinking about working on a film for a few years. It's unclear if this was a Gouda Pizza-type-situation (there has to be drugs in that stuff or something) but she seems quite confident they'd be working on the feature very soon. Here's the quote:

“I would say that we would [be working on something new very soon]!” she confided to us. “I think we’re going to work on a kickass feature together that we’ve been thinking about for a few years.”

"Kickass" huh? Oh boy, let the speculation commence!

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