Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sarah Michelle Gellar's Last Two Films Finally Hit Shelves

Since 2006's The Return, Sarah Michelle Gellar's last 5 project's have gone straight to DVD or haven't seen the light of day at all (voice-over work notwithstanding.) Now, 2 of those projects will finally be released, but sadly also straight to DVD. It's been a while, so let's recap:

Possession is a suspense/thriller that has been shelved for more than 2 years. According to the IMDB:

"due to Yari Film Group (the film's distributor) filing a Chapter 11 protection, its release has been pushed back close to a dozen times."

The gist is, Smidge's hubbie and his brother, played by Lee Pace (of Pushing Daises excellence), are in a car accident. When Pace awakes from his coma, he's been taken over by the soul of Smidge's husband....or has he? Dun dun DUN! Possesion is said be released on March 9th.

In Veronika Decides to Die, which has the cover of an 80's John Hughes film, Smidge's character seems to have it all but still decides to kill herself. She fails, a teen heartthrob learns the value of a geek, wackiness ensues.

Based on the international best-selling novel by Paulo Coelho, this film will be available on DVD on April 27th.


Otto said...

It's really amazing that Sarah hasn’t done more projects lately. I fell in love with her before falling in love with Buffy (Cruel Intentions, what up!). It doesn't matter how many times she says that she does not mind to be related immediately with Buffy and that is an honor, I do believe that she should be recognized more as an actress than for give life to Buffy...
Bottom line, I love her, as Sarah and as Buffy.

Kaaren said...

Cool, thanks for the update. Off to my Netflix queue.

Kaaren said...

PS - The "Veronika" cover on Netflix is different. A blue/grey cityscape.

Sla said...

I can't get why they didn't released 'Verónika...' on theaters! it's a pretty good movie, amazing plot and cast. At least, in other countries we'll get to watch it on a big screen. I hope so.

mbatz said...

For such a gifted actress, SMG's post Buff movies are amazingly awful. The Return I saw in the theaters - what a pile of drek that was:) I will not be watching these 2, my LOVE for Buffy and SMG notwithstanding. I fear her movie career is over. She has no appeal for the teen sex drive ala M Fox, and I don't think she has quite the screen presence to carry a movie. I do however feel and have for a long time that she is one of the BEST female actresses I've come across. It's really quite confounding.