Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Angel or Booth?

Cliqueclack.com is polling people on whether David Boreano will be remembered as Angel or Booth when all is said and done. First instinct: Angel. He was attached to the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer for three years which will go down in history as the cult classic it's meant to be. He was also the lead in his own show for another five years. I don't watch Bones, so I might be way off base with its popularity, but I can't see it competing with the Buffyverse. As of now, Angel's winning with a whopping 77% of the vote. Go Angel!


Curtis said...

Sorry, but Bones it is. Since it started, Bones has had 8.9 - 10.4 million viewers per season, and it's trending up. Angel had 4.9 million viewers in Season 1, and then declined after that. Numbers gathered from Wikipedia.

I am a huge Buffy/Angel fan, and I would prefer that Boreanaz (NOT Boreano) was known for his work on those shows, but simple objective reading of the numbers tells me that a lot more people will know him as Booth rather than Angel.

Online polls are notoriously fickle.

Nat said...

Curtis, I understand what you're saying but you're just comparing first watch US numbers and not taking into account a number of other factors.

Firstly DB was also and more famously on Buffy. Buffy has always had a much bigger following than Angel (the show) ever did. Even people who didn't religiously watch Buffy, know the name and the along with that the vampire she dated. The two of them are a pretty iconic couple.

Secondly Buffy and Angel have been off the air for many years and have had time to gather a cult following. I myself only watched the shows after both were off the air. Bones is still on the air so its hard to know how it will be received long after its gone.

Lastly the Whedonverse fanbase is huge and obsessive much more so than any Bones fanbase could be. So whilst I agree with your point that online polls are fickle and this poll will probably result in an Angel win, I still think Angel will still be the role DB is ultimately remembered for by a lot of people.

adair said...

I have to say Angel. I watch Bones and enjoy it.. but even people that didn't watch Buffy or Angel still call him Angel! Whenever I say I like that guy on Bones (meaning Tj Thyne aka Hodgins) someone always says, which one, Angel? That is how he is known, that's where he started, that's who he is!

elainecleo said...

I had not seen Buffy or Angel, until I fell in love with Booth and found out he WAS Angel. I voted for Angel even though I liked Angelus much better than Angel. I am getting tired of Bones, I mean really 5 seasons of "Bones" being without a clue to Booth's feelings for her is getting very old. Was OK at first but they have carried it to the limit as far as I am concerned.


@ elainecleo: i guess you haven't been watching the current season. that hundredth episode was a mind blower!

i agree with everyone else here. Bones has more viewers (weekly, in the US) but Buffy was a fucking wordlwide phenomenon. If, in ten years we compare how well Buffy DVD boxed sets sell in comparison to Bones seasons... well... I don't think there would be any contest. PLUS his likeness is forever attached to the Angel character so, as long as there are fans there will be comics, figures, spin-offs and every episode in syndication.

Speaking of which, Muchmusic has started airing Buffy every night in Canada. It's opening the Buffyverse to kids who would have only heard about the show from their parents and it's doing really well so far. Booth may be easier to love but Angel will never die. (Get it? Huh? Huh?)

Cyanide Horror said...

Definitely Angel. I can't seem to find a reason to back up my evidence hmm. Booth isn't a vampire when Angel is I'm definitely putting thumbs up to that!