Friday, April 2, 2010

We Have a Winner of The March Madness Whedonverse Character Tourney - The Worst of the Lot!

But what has he won, really? Well, pretty much the hatred, disgust and frustration of many. The rolling eyes and frowns when he graces our screens. The urge to write Joss Whedon some good ole' fandom hate mail. That's right, by a slim margin of only 5 votes against Warren, "The Worst of the Lot" is:

Connor (no real last name)!
(also known as Connor Angel, Steven Franklin Thomas Holtz, Connor Reilly and The Destroyer)

As a child of two dead people, Angel and Darla (also no last names), Connor's birth is an impossible one, despite being prophesied, and concerns much of the show's third season. From his parents he has inherited many vampire-like powers and abilities. After the infant's painful estrangement from his father, he returns toward the end of the third season as an emotionally inexperienced and mentally unstable teenager who has grown up in a hell dimension and harbors resentment toward Angel.

Later, he had sex with Angel's love interest at that time, Cordelia Chase, whose body, unbeknownst to Connor, was actually being inhabited by the morally ambiguous fallen goddess Jasmine. This results in a mystical pregnancy birthing Jasmine herself, but not after a little kidnapping and murder of an innocent virgin to make it happen! By the end of Season 4 he was a faithful servant of Jasmine but finally had to kill her as well, which sends Connor down a twisted path of mass murder/suicide by bomb. In the end, Angel had to make a deal with the evil Wolfram & Hart to save Connor by killing him and raping the minds of everyone in the series, as he felt he had no other choice. Yay! (Read more about Connor, not that you'd want to from these results, here)

Connor is played by Vincent Kartheiser, who is currently playing another douche on the series Mad Men along with fellow Whedonverse alum Christina Hendricks.

Click here to see how the entire month of hatred went down!

Thanks so much to everyone who played this year's March Madness! We'll have another tourney in the fall for September Silliness, it's tradition now.


Andre said...

YES! Connor was my least favourite character in the Whedonverse's because of him that Angel became my least favourite of all Joss's shows/movies/internet musicals. Not counting the original Buffy movie, of course.

Crystal said...

I'm pretty happy that Connor was chosen as the worst. Honestly, he ruined Angel for me >_< It was just a bad character that was created but I forgive them! ^_^

Scar said...

I'm glad Connor won this over Warren, but I wish Kennedy had gotten further, I really thought she'd be in with a chance of winning this.

skyroom80 said...

The 179 of you who voted for Connor over Warren deeply disturb me. Connor was, most of the time, a real drag. In S5 he redeemed himself by helping his dad (Angel) even though he had a different life.

OTOH is Warren. He raped his girlfriend while she was under his mind control. He had a robot girlfriend -- really bad in itself(!) -- who he then ignored to the point where she no longer existed. HE KILLED TARA! And through everything he was horrible. He never had the charm and ditziness of Andrew or Jonathan; he was just evil.

To the 169 (like me) who voted for Warren? You know and understand your "Buffy!)

Aerliss said...

to Skyroom80 that list makes me think of Spike. Raping, murdering, sex bot owning villain that he once was.

Scar said...

To skyroom80, Warren was the bad guy so he was supposed to be evil, whereas Connor was all over the place and not particularly well acted. Warren was an interesting character development as he gradually became more and more evil, whereas I never had any idea what was going on with Connor.

W said...

skyroom80, there are well-loved characters throughout the Whedonverse who have committed atrocities. Aerliss' example of Spike is a good one. And what about Caleb? Don't know how he got saved so early. Must be the Tightpants factor.

Warren was effective but weak compared to the mass-murdering, raping and pillaging, world-domination/destruction villains. Your comment about charm and ditziness makes me think that if Warren had been cute or funny, you wouldn't mind him so much.

skyroom80 said...

To Aerliss, Scar, and W:

Whether I, personally, think Warren is the worst, most evil, hated, etc character in the Whedonverse is not the question. Nor is it a question of Warren being "cuter" or more charming to make his character more palatable. There are quite a few Whedonverse characters that I would put right up there along with Warren.

The question, which you three seem to think irrelevant, is that at the end of this interesting and mammoth tourney, we were asked to choose between to SPECIFIC characters. Warren and Connor.

Based on that, I stand by my original comment.

Kaz said...

I never disliked Connor. I just thought that he had been too badly damaged by his upbringing to ever really recover. But he's a really cool character in the IDW comics, so I don't quite get why he's become the worst character. That title, goes to Warren, imho.