Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good Stuff in the Non-Whedonverse

It's not the Whedonverse, but these two pieces of art I'm about to talk about are so damn good. Plus, there's always a way to connect non-Whedony stuff to the Whedony stuff.

Fringe: My friggin' goodness. This show has pulled out a stellar 2nd season and set up the 3rd season quite well. I won't go into details about the plot because of spoilering, but if you're into great chemistry between characters, intelligent writing and Emmy Award winning performances by the one known as Walter Bishop, check it out.
Connection to the Whedonverse: It's got heroes and remember when Buffy told Angel not to get all "Dawson" on her? Well, Dawson's Creek had Pacey and Pacey is Peter on Fringe. Done!

The Walking Dead:
I devoured all five hard cover books in 2 days. I want, I need more. This is not just a zombie apocalypse book, it's a jump into the heart of human kind with a realer than real look into who we are and who we might become.
Connection to the Whedonverse: It's a comic book and it's got horror. It also has an amazing character arc that really connects you to the people in this world just like the peeps we love from our very own Whedonverse. Done!

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elainecleo said...

The only 2 finales I have liked this season are Fringe and The Vampire Diaries, both were very good and left you with an OH NO and lots of questions.