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Part Two of Our Interview with Brad Meltzer: The Gang's All Here! (Spoilers)


With the final issue of the "Twilight" arc hitting a comic shop near you today, we conclude our interview with Brad Meltzer on all things Issue 35, general Buffy, and oh, some 80's fashion talk, too!

Buffyfest: What is your favorite TV season of Buffy and if you had to pick one moment from the show that defines Buffy as a character which would it be?

Brad Meltzer: I always felt there was gold in every season, but if I were looking for one moment for just Buffy, it probably would be one of the many moments of silence after she came back from the dead. Those moments were moments I always admired -- just the way she shouldered so much burden by herself. Those were the moments where I always knew, wow, as much as I want to "be" Buffy, Buffy isn't me. She's better than me. And I'm happy that we get to that thought in issue 35.

Buffyfest: What about Angel? Is there a moment in the TV show that you think defined him as a character?

Brad Meltzer: Early on. Perhaps in that first moment when he explains why they can't "do it." That trap was set so neatly. We knew exactly what his limits were -- and what his desires were -- and that, somehow, he'd/they find some way around it.

Buffyfest: Who do you find to be the most interesting character in the Buffyverse to write? Out of your entire Twilight Arc which scene did you find the most interesting?

Brad Meltzer: Buffy is certainly the most interesting and surprisingly complex to write. Xander came a bit easier than I expected. Willow's wonderful because she adds an edge that makes her sometimes more satisfying in a scene than Xander. But as for the "interesting" scene, I'd say it's a tie between issue 34 and 35. Those were my favorites. That moment of Buffy's decision in issue 35 is just who that character is to me.

Buffyfest: Angel always seems to be able to make an executive decision to change the world easier than Buffy, do you think that's a good thing or a bad thing?

Brad Meltzer: Depends which way he chooses.

Buffyfest: Does it make Angel more of a villain or a screw-up?

Brad Meltzer: Depends which way he chooses.

Buffyfest: Gotcha. On the other hand, Angel has always been willing to turn his back on Buffy for the greater good, but he now doing the polar opposite. Why is that?

Brad Meltzer: There's only one -- and I mean one -- reason these characters keep connecting on such a deep personal level: they love each other. Can they love others? Sure. But they also love each other.

Buffyfest: How deep under the control of Twilight is Angel and how long has this been going on? Is it so difficult for him to snap out of the thrall of Twilight because he's been under the influence much longer than Buffy or another reason?

Brad Meltzer: Fair question. We'll see.

Buffyfest: Are Buffy and Angel in the Bronze at one point during their discussion?

Brad Meltzer: Of course that's the Bronze!

Buffyfest: Was the plan always to bring Spike in at the end of this story arc?

Brad Meltzer: Yup.

Buffyfest: Is there a reason the demons single out "the mages" in the middle of the fight?

Brad Meltzer: Other than knowing mages are powerful and must be dealt with? Good question.

Buffyfest: What is up with the 80's Miami Vice-esque outfits that Buffy and Angel are wearing shortly before they leave Twilight?

Brad Meltzer: Ask Georges. Although I did wear a white shirt (with shoulderpads) and a skinny purple tie to my junior prom. It was in Miami in 1985, cut me some slack.

Buffyfest: Warren seems very concerned about Andrew being hurt, is he having a change of heart?

Brad Meltzer: These characters were friends. It was important to me that we don't lose sight of that. Now let's see where it goes.

Buffyfest: Where did you get the idea for the tank that Spike arrives in? Why does it seem that Willow is very excited to see Spike and the tank?

Brad Meltzer: Georges and Joss were totally responsible for the tank. You'll see it play a nice upcoming role.

Buffyfest: Does anyone other than Angel even know that Spike is alive up until this point? Also, how long has it been since Angel and Spike have seen each other?

Brad Meltzer: Not my story to tell.

Buffyfest: Speaking of timelines, how long has it been since the events of Angel's Season 5 finale "Not Fade Away" and now? Has Buffy not had any contact with him since she last saw him in "Chosen"? How long has it been, exactly?

Brad Meltzer: Not my story to tell.

Buffyfest: Guess we'll find out! After all that's happened in the Twilight arc, do you think that Angel is redeemable?

Brad Meltzer: After issue 35, yes.

Buffyfest: On that note, is Angel still a cursed vampire

Brad Meltzer: What else could Angel be?

Buffyfest: Can you give us a hint at what's to come in Joss's arc? Maybe one word?

Brad Meltzer: Goodness.

Buffyfest: And finally, are there any upcoming projects that you'd like your fans to know about?

Brad Meltzer: Since the day my son was born eight years ago, I've been writing a book for him. It's a collection of heroes throughout history. Some are famous (Jim Henson, Rosa Parks, Mr. Rogers). Some are totally unknown. But the result is this book -- my first ever non-fiction one -- a gift to my son. It's called Heroes For My Son. Comes out next week (May 11). And I'm on book tour in NY, DC, VA, Miami, Boca Raton, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver and Michigan, so if you live there, please come say hi (and yes, of course, I'd be honored to sign whatever you like, especially Buffy 34). Full details are at

If you want more information on Brad Meltzer's upcoming book, Heroes for My Son, go here.
Oh, and don't forget to ask Brad a question during his Buffy Twitterthon.

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