Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Angel #38: Exclusive Preview Pages

By: Bill Willingham, Bill Williams, Mariah Huehner, David Tischman, Elena Casagrande, Jenny Frison

Death. Destruction. Destiny. None of these can compare with the betrayal Team Angel is about to face, the old enemy that's about to re-surface, and the epic showdown Angel and Connor are going to have to tackle together. And someone other than the readers finally wonders, just what the hell is really up with Spike?

32 pages
In stores 27 October 2010

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*Please note that these preview pages are not final images. Any errors will be corrected for the actual release.

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Unknown said...

Is there a reason that the inks always look incomplete with Casagrande's art? I mean, things that are obviously supposed to be fully blacked out look like they've been blacked out with pen, resulting in patches of unevenness.