Sunday, October 10, 2010

Buffyfest Interviews Dark Horse's Scott Allie at NYCC 2010

Lots of news has come out of NYCC 2010 so far in regards to Buffy & Co. It seems that Season 9 will be chock full of stories come its debut next year. Earlier today it was confirmed that, along with Buffy and Angel, Willow and Spike will also be getting their very own spin-offs. Aw, they're all growns-up! Major Faith Comic rumors were circling about this weekend, too, so we met up with Super Scott Allie to dish about that, the notorious upcoming Issue #39 and all things Whedon.


Unknown said...

NY comic con was great, but was disappointed with Dark Horse. I did see Scott Allie there, but other than him the Dark Horse area had nothing BUFFY there except for a lcd screen that flashed her for a FEW seconds with other comics. If I didn't already know they published it I would have kept walking. I went to ask one of their people "why no BUFFY?", they said they were promoting their other stuff this time. IDW, however for Angel, had comics, books and AWESOME giant panels showing future covers.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Sofia. I was really disappointed with Dark Horse's section. Anyone know when Season 9 officially begins? I missed out on 8 completely, so I'm just going to buy the graphic novels, but I want to be on top of 9.

I'm excited for the Dollhouse one-shot and miniseries, though I really wish we could get some Serenity.

Unknown said...

Elizabeth, I believe season 9 will begin in the fall of 2011. I also missed most of season 8, but I'm watching the motion comic of season 8 off itunes. They are fanstastic. The comic book comes alive.