Monday, November 29, 2010

Get Ready For...Dark Horse Week!

Do not adjust your monitors or web enabled phones! Buffyfest has gone "Dark Horse" in celebration and anticipation of this week's upcoming events.

As you may know, Buffy's much ballyhooed issue #39 comes out on Thursday and we have a BIG interview with Dark Horse editor Super Scott Allie in the can, which should quell at least some of your burning questions. We'll also be catching up with Scott about his upcoming Hellboy mini and his contribution to Hack/Slash Trailers Pt 2. To sweeten the deal even further, we'll be hosting a Hellboy-themed contest tomorrow. And to top all of it off with a cherry, we'll have some super-secret, crazy-exclusive Buffy extras towards the end of the week.

In light of all the fun, we have dubbed this "Dark Horse Week". Get ready! And be very afraid.


Unknown said...

So the issue is out on Thursday instead of Wednesday? Is this because of Thanksgiving?

Tara said...

Yes, think so. Matter of fact, I think all comics everywhere are being released a day late this week.

Anonymous said...

You should also mention that they are having a poster design contest for the release of the season 8 motion comic DVD!