Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Buffyfest Gift Guide 2010

Got a fan on your list? Whether you're buying for a newbie who is just discovering Buffy or a Whedonite so hard-core that he'll justify why we should really be watching Alien: Resurrection at this year's annual Buffyfest Party (Ryan, I'm looking at you), they'll be a treat on this here list to fill their Christmas stocking with or place under their Holiday Bush. And if you want something for yourself on here, throw your loved one a little hint. Simply say "Honey, I was on Buffyfest today and saw so many fantastic Whedon themed gifts on there. I would love it if on Christmas morning, something off their gift guide was under our Holiday Bush!" It's very subtle and really packs a punch.

This is our biggest and bestest Gift Guide ever, but do check out our past Gift Guides as some of that loot is still available too.

With only 10 shopping days to go, behold, the 2010 Buffyfest Gift Guide:

For the Newbie:

Best Prices found this week on all the necessary DVDs:

For the die-hard Whedonite:

    For the Spuffy:

    Recession Specials!
    Last Minute Larry - downloadable and emailable gifts:
    • A Charitable donation to super browncoat fellowship Can't Stop The Serenity is the perfect last minute feel-good gift.
    • Download Dollhouse in HD instantly with Amazon Video On Demand, just 99 cents per ep.
    • A e-gift certificate for Whedonverse comics at TFAW is the instant gift that keeps on giving!
    • Pre-order Buffy Motion Comic on DVD or give now instant download style.
    • For a cheap, last-minute and satisfying gift, $4.00 will get you a phone call from our very own Bitsy. Yell at him for a whole 5 minutes! (Proceeds to go to CSTS.)

    For the Super Hard-Core fan who has everything:

    If you have a Super Hard-Core on your list like this guy, you may need to think outside of the box:
    That's it for this year. Now go get that shopping done and Happy Holidays, everyone!


      TiLT said...

      awesome guide!!!!

      Kaaren said...

      Love those journals!

      Becky said...

      Wow, this is an awesome guide!

      I want that Giga pet sooooo much....