Sunday, December 19, 2010

This Heather Morris Thing

Where does one get a stake?
If you read this blog, you probably know that I think this Whedonless Buffy Movie is moot and the thing is never going to see the light of it a hunch. But since the world is still a chatter, let's discuss this odd Heather Morris thing that won't die. Apparently, Perez Hilton is getting casting credit on the film as he's the one who suggested Glee's Miss Morris play Miss Summers in the reboot. Originally the reports were denied by all involved, but now the actress claims the "creators" are actually considering her. The whole thing makes her pee on herself. Yeah, us too kiddo!

Sorry to have to share what has to be one of the most boring interviews in recent memory. Most of it has Heather talking to Access Hollywood about Gwenyth Paltrow's children and their ipad apps. I dunno. The Buffy part is in there somewhere. Check it out:

Since she's in Glee and a singer/dancer, maybe they can make the whole Whedonless Buffy a musical? WITH MUPPETS!! Get Jason Segel on there. While we're day-dreaming, can someone make a fanvid out of Heather Morris dancing with Beyonce so that I could brand this post a proper Fanvid Sunday? No? No one feels like doing that? Ugh.:

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