Thursday, April 14, 2011

Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Tooncast” Contest

Make a fun Buffy animation and win a S.8 Blu-Ray/DVD or even an iPad!

Here's the skinny: NetToons created the motion comics app that is featured on the Buffy Season 8 DVD called Tooncast Studio. It lets Buffy fans make and share motion comics. A free version of Tooncast Studio is available here - It’s a slimmed down version of that S.8 DVD app.

To enter, fans create and enter animations use either the DVD app or the free version. You have three ways to win each week:

· Get Popular - the two Tooncasts viewed by the most people during the week
· Get Recognized - two Tooncasts selected from those the NetToons team considers “favorites”
· Get Lucky - two Tooncasts randomly selected from all entries shared with friends

Now I was a little afraid of messing with a fandom attached Adobe Air product. As it is, I still have Eliza Dushku slithering all over my screen in a gown or blowing it up in a leather coat every single damn morning because I don't have the heart to delete the "Virtual Echo Dollhouse App". But this was actually pretty fun! Check out my quick and clunky attempt at explaining Buffy's Eight Season using the Tooncast Studio app below:

The Grand Prize winner will be selected at random from all entries received. This contest is ending in two weeks on April 24th, so better get cracking on those Season 8 shorts!

Visit for the full deets or NetToons Facebook page for additional info.

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