Monday, April 25, 2011

Where on Earth is Joss Whedon?

Trying to get that elusive Whedon-spotting but almost feel one step behind the man? Let's do a roundup of his recent whereabouts!
1. Joss was spotted walking down the street in midtown NYC eating a hot dog. But that was March 19th and a lot can happen in a month so let's skip to....

2. Yesterday when Joss made one of his purple posts over at Whedonesque, proclaiming the official start day of filming on The Avengers today. Will it be in LA where there are some Avengers casting assignments underway? Or maybe in NYC? Code named "Group Hug" we knew some filming, possibly second unit, was done in the NYC area as of April 8th. Since we're so unsure of the details, we've had Bitsy combing the streets since then, zig zagging in an east-west direction starting at Wall Street toward uptown. Last I heard he pooped out in Alphabet City, needing to lie down on a discarded mattress on Ave. C at 3rd street. If you see him there, please give him water.

3. Or is Joss filming in Albuquerque, NM today? Well, we know for a fact he was in that area over the weekend as he attended Albuquerque's Alternative Newsweekly,'s Spring Social. There's a photo booth photo to prove it. So since it was pretty much totally confirmed that much of The Avengers filming would be done in New Mexico, my money's on Albuquerque...but Bitsy's still on street team duty until further notice.

And that's all we got for today! So Albuquerquians be on the lookout and if anyone else has had a recent Joss Whedon sighting let us know and we'll add it to the map.

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