Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Exclusive: Scott Allie's Top Ten Reasons to Look Forward to Buffy Season 9! (Spoilers)

Ala David Letterman, Scott Allie has created a list of the top ten reasons why we should be looking forward to the first month of Season 9, which is chock full o' mysterious teasers. Another treat for today is this exclusive image we received from the highly anticipated upcoming Angel & Faith series which is being released on August 31.

Check out Whedon Wednesday tomorrow for a lot more preview images.

And now here are Scott Allie's Top Ten reasons to look forward to the first month of Season 9:

10. Only two new #1's!
9. No new costumes! (Except Willow)
8. Buffy teams with Andrew for waterborne battle!
7. Angel & Faith: Double the redemption!
6. Poignant Giles flashbacks!
5. Longstanding debts come due...
4. World without magic: More dangerous than you'd think!
3. Feminist icon gets drunk (again) with calamitous results!
2. Joss Whedon writes Season 9!
1. Buffy & Angel separated by 5,363 miles!

And there you have it! Don't forget about Whedon Wednesday on Dark Horse's site tomorrow, there will definitely be more to get excited about!


Lionel said...

10.Not fifty two #1's?

9.What could be Willow's new look?


7.I'm actually looking forward to Angel & Faith more than Buffy.

6.*sob* I'm expecting these to be painful.


4.I figured it would be.

3.Buffy getting drunk and screwing up somehow?

2.Big Thumbs Up.It's amazing he has the time with Avengers.

1.Big Thumbs Down.I'm sure there are many who are happy about this but there are just as many who aren't.

Rotten Arsenal said...

Spike is pretty much the only character I give a rat's arse about anymore. And quite honestly, S8 just really irritated me. The whole "Twilight" thing, aside from reminding me constantly of the other sparkly vampire teen porn "Twilight", was just idiotic. Sorry, but that's the way I feel. Buffy and Angel just don't belong together and that preposterous storyline that brought them back together made me want to throw up.
Haven't decided if I'm going to pick up S9 yet. Killing Giles has soured me on the whole thing.

Tara said...

If it makes you feel better, Rotten Arsenal, Scott just tweeted:

"To those hungry for Spike news, the online story in August is almost entirely about Spike, hardly anyone else shows up."

Wei said...

I liked Spike on TV. but seems to me the charisma of Spike is largely tied to James Marsters's performance. I read a few issues of Angel comic and he was not as interesting as on TV.

Ironically, the most suitable character for comics is Illyria. Sometimes I wonder Joss killed Fred because of that.

Rotten Arsenal, who do you think you are? The Thought Police? Which guy or vamp Buffy picks is her decision, not yours.

I bought and loved Twilight issue of Buffy because of its strong emotions, which is kinda hard for comics.