Friday, July 15, 2011

San Diego, Here We Come!

Hide the elderly and your wallets 'cause we're finally gearing up for our team trip to San Diego Comic Con. Sadly, we're sans one Bitsy this year, but that might actually mean your wallets are that much safer, so there's that. Still, we'll miss him so. You may have also noticed that we dressed the site up in a brand new pretty outfit for the occasion.

We have been painstakenly coordinating our schedule and we finally have it in a good spot. Sure we had to make some tough decisions but we have some great interviews and other fun things scheduled, so keep on the lookout for all that. Bookmark this link for our continuing coverage of SDCC.

Below is a schedule of just some of the Whedony things at this year's SDCC. It's not everything. If you want to see a complete Whedony schedule, check over here. And over at the official Comic Con site, you can download a grid of absolutely every single thing going on at this festival of madness.

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