Saturday, August 20, 2011

Do We Seriously Need to Start a 'Ringer Death Watch' Already?

Yeesh, here we go! I'm sorry to say it but listen, this is how it is: I will watch Ringer. Hell, Michelle and Bitsy will watch Ringer too. If it sucks, Michelle will drop off right away while I hang in there and Bitsy will continue on, just to make fun of it. This is what happened not only with Dollhouse, but with many other shows this circle of bloggers and friends have collectively watched over the years.

Fact is, it's feeling very Dollhouse at the moment. Like Dollhouse, the show has a good cast including one of our beloved slayers, Sarah Michelle Gellar, obvs. And while Dollhouse had a strange "leading multiple lives" plot, Ringer has a sort of similar, but much lamer plot at least on paper that could go wrong, fast. It doesn't help that it lacks that Joss Whedon factor. Not to mention, the reviews so far have been far from great and we're all getting very worried around here. Of course there are some decent reviews out there too, so I won't start the "Death Watch" yet and you can't make me...but if the bad keeps up, we'll at least have to start the mocking it. Do the below links scare you as much as us?

Between fighting for the "Best new double-crossing twin show of the season" award:

..and quotes like: "The dialogue is so painfully cheesy that it makes all the acting seem similarly bad."

The icing on the cake might be this admittedly premature, but still shocking comment: "[Ringer] may have been aspiring for VERY low-rent Hitchcock, but instead they've gotten very high-gloss Telemundo":

Smidge's career doesn't deserve another straight-to-DVD type story. She is SO much better than that. If this doesn't work out, she simply must do a Rom Com with Ryan Reynolds or the like. But in the mean time, we'll of course watch it no matter what...even if Bitsy does make fun of it.


Sophie said...

This sounds uber dissapointing - I was so ready for Sarah to be back on our screens with full force! I truly hope it doesn't end up being another Dollhouse.


elainecleo said...

Remember this is NOT on Fox, but CW that has much lower standards..OK that did not come out right. I just mean the ratings don't have to be as high. CW is my network of choice and my DVR will be set for 6 series. My favorite show is The Vampire Diaries, and love SPN, Nikita with new shows Ringer, Secret Circle and Hart of Dixie. The acting could NEVER be as bad as the Twilight saga.

Tara said...

True, true. It will probably stay on way longer than expected even if it's no good, ala Nikita.

(*disclaimer - I have never actually seen a single scene of Nikita and am just bashing and being judgey for the hell of it.)

Fivezenses said...

I've always been in support of SMG since 1997. No matter what she is acting in, no matter horrible it could be, I still support her 200%. I've watched everything except her days when she was on "Swans Crossing" and "All My Children".

So I'm actually looking forward to this. I've watched an AMAZING Comic Con trailer about the show and I think it only had the first two episodes played out. So knowing that this is Sarah, she chooses things she knows she can act in and convey emotion very well into her character (s). So I'm expecting her, out of all the cast, to be the best when the show is airing.

I've seen the talent of the other actors from "Fantastic Four" and "Life Unexpected", so I know they don't have horrible talent. But I'm just waiting to see how it goes.