Friday, August 5, 2011

Drew Goddard to Possibly Direct 'Thor 2'!

The Whedonverse and the Marvelverse may collide once again! Disney and Marvel Studios are moving forward with Thor 2, which is already scheduled for release on July 26, 2013. Thor Director Kenneth Branagh won't be directing the sequel, but it looks like they may have found a Whedoney replacement!

Rumor has it that Game of Thrones director Brian Kirk is the current frontrunner to direct the sequel, but also on this list us our very own Buffy and Angel writer and Cabin In The Woods co-writer/director: Drew Goddard! Surely Joss Whedon will do everything he can to get his boy the job. And Marvel might listen since they're trusting Joss to take care of their reportedly $260 million baby, The Avengers! Plus, he's cute too, no?

To be continued...

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