Thursday, December 22, 2011

Maven of the Eventide = Best Vampire Review Series EVER

Everybody has their "thing."  For some, it's astronauts walking around on hamster wheels, for others it's jangly folk guitars and unkempt hair.  But you?  You love vampires.  Don't lie.  I know you.  You're on a site called "Buffyfest."  You're not fooling anyone.

It's with that in mind we present a new video series starring everybody's favorite That Guy With the Glasses Makeover Fairy, Elisa Hansen.  This series, Maven of the Eventide, delves into both the best and the worst of what vampire entertainment has to offer.  Today's episode deals with the ever present marketing towards vampire enthusiasts.  It also has a guest appearance by... me - reminding everyone why it's best that I never be on camera.  For any reason.  Ever.


Okay, now watch the video.

Check her other videos, too, where she reviews Interview with a Vampire and Blade.

And I know what you're wondering.  What about Buffy?  Well... all in good time, my friends.  All in good time.  In the meanwhile, you should follow Elisa on Twitter.  But don't follow her around in real life.  That would be weird.  Also, dibs.


Miguel Monteiro said...

LOL that was entertaining.
but heyyy! you guys haven't posted about the Freefall TPB nor the Season Eight HC Vol. 1 coming out nor their covers... and that's some important stuff guys xD

Tara said...

haha "Downwind". You were pretty good in that, Bits!

And au contraire, reader Plug313. Not only was the Buffy Hard Cover featured in our Holiday Gift Guide:

..but we were also the very first site to exclusively tease the beautiful cover!:

Now the Freefall trade, yeah we haven't reported on that much. There's not much happening on that front, but I do know that it's being released in August of next year!

Miguel Monteiro said...

oh, right! I remember that.
but you didn't really make a big deal out of it. and maybe it isn't but IMO it is xD it's fine though! but if I relied on your site alone for info on that kind of stuff it wouldn't be enough.
not trying to criticize or anything, I love Buffyfest :)

Tara said...

Heh, that's cool, Plug313. It's true, we haven't been very reliable lately, I can admit that. We'll try to kick it up a notch in 2012 :)

Miguel Monteiro said...

okay :D thanks!!