Saturday, December 31, 2011

Buffyfest's Top Ten Moments of 2011!

Major Buffyverse spoilers for Season 8 & 9 if you're not completely caught up...

Another year is gone. And listen, we were definitely confused about compiling this year's Top Ten list. Did Giles get killed this year or end of last? Did Buffy and Angel conceive a baby universe this year? When did she even have random lesbian sex? Well the answer to all of that is: Not in 2011! Oh no, 2011 was all about restructure and transition in the Whedonverse. The Buffy and Angel stories are all back under one roof, living at Dark Horse, and Joss Whedon was off creating new and wonderful projects for us to feast our eyes on in 2012. Helping us with what will be the Top Ten moments of 2012, assuming the world doesn't end before that.

So now that we have that all figured out, here's a look back at our Top Ten Whedonverse Moments of this year. And a very Happy New Year, readers and friends!

#1 - Photobombed!
This was one of the most embarrassingly huge things that ever happened to us as Buffyfest, so it was definitely landing the top spot this year. Joss Whedon officially became our White Whale. While doing an interview at SDCC, Andrew Chambliss is actually saying the words "Joss is busy with The Avengers" and dude, Michelle, Joss is right behind you. Doesn't get sillier than this!

#2 - The End of All Magic
2011 marked the fallout of Angel and Buffy's universe-creating space sex, which ultimately ended in Giles' death and Buffy needing to break the seed, thus ending the flow of magic on earth. What a long, strange trip it's been.

#3 - Buffyfest 2011
This year we had a fancy brunch featuring Funny Shaped Pancakes, Mr. Gordo Bacon, Oh Hey! Juice!, and coffee from the Espresso Pump, along with all the morning fare one could dream up for a Buffy Breakfast event. Michelle even made a fanvid using the Wham! classic "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go." Good times.

#4 - Dark Horse Goes Digital
With Dark Horse taking over the Angel license, 2011 not only marked the year that Buffy and Angel were back under one roof, but the company finally digitized their full range of Whedonverse titles old and new. Which brings us to....

#5 - Angel & Faith
We're not sure if anyone was prepared for the fabulosity that the Angel & Faith series has become. Angel is arguably one of the most hated characters in the entire Whedonverse at this point (after basically killing Buffy's dad), but man smashing these 2 anti-heroes together has created a seriously compelling story to watch unfold.

#6 - Much Ado About Nothing
Joss writes, directs and produces a whole movie entirely in secret. He may have an evil clone.

#7 - Buffyfest at Comic Cons
Buffyfest once again made the pilgrimage to Geek Mecca SDCC 2011 and it's little cousin NYCC 2011.

#8 - Buffy's Birthday Bash
Buffy had a big birthday on Januray 19th this year, coinciding with Season 8's grand finale...and there were bashes all over the country to celebrate! Our spot? Forbidden Planet in NYC.

#9 - Joss Whedon's Favorite Shirt
Joss wore that two-toned henley to death, from Comic Cons (it's in the photobomb!) to parties to film sets. 'Twas funny.

#10 - Buffy Movie Reboot: DOA
Funny thing is, last year's #10 spot of this here list had the news of the Whedonless Reboot along with the line "It's possible that by this time next year, the reboot release will be a rumor of the past". And now it looks like it is. Life's cute like that sometimes.

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