Saturday, January 14, 2012

(Spoiler) Scott Allie Interviewed on Buffy's Big Changes!

If you haven't read last week's issue of Buffy S.9, look away! If you have, you'll want to check out Scott Allie's interview at CBR yesterday. They spoke about the upcoming, uh, development we can be, um, expecting, in this very... fertile season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oh hell, Buffy's went and got herself preggers and we want to know what the hell THAT's all about. Scott answered some of our bigger, questions. Sorry, I'll stop that now.

Questions like:

When did Buffy become impregnated EXACTLY?
"She got black-out drunk in #1, and it turns out there are significant consequences."

Uh, yeah, I'll say so!

Does our Slayer even know who on earth the father is?:
"Buffy doesn't know."

Wowzers, ok....

Will she still be cafe barista girl throughout this pregnancy?
"She's making a career change, which I'm happy about."

Well I suppose that's good because they say during pregnancy, caffeine should be limited.

Read all of the abundant details over at CBR! Hee!

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