Monday, January 2, 2012

Exclusive Madness! Major Spoiler! Variant Cover for Buffy #8.

Seriously, shield your eyes if you have an aversion to spoilers because this one's a doozy!

What a way to kick off the new year. This killer exclusive from the fine folks at Dark Horse is the retailer variant cover for Buffy #8. You've no doubt already seen the Tom Lenk cover out in the Twitterverse, but this beast is a whole different story.

We've even got a quote from Super Scott Allie!

"People are gonna assume this is a prank or a fake cover, but it's not. She really does get her arm torn off by a zompire in the middle of a big battle involving Spike and Dowling. It's not a dream, unlike much of the action in Buffy #5. Why show it on the cover? It gets to be a drag saving all the juiciest stuff for the insides, and we think that it'll still have some surprise impact when it happens."

Don't know what to say about this!


Miaou said...


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hann23 said...

Oh dear me, how did you keep quiet about this? I admire your strength buffyfest. And how about Allie providing an explanation quote.

Yeah, something else is going on. Oh, I'm sure she lost it, it's just something darker must be about to happen.

On a fun note, maybe Dark Horse will do a Bionic Buffy doll for SDCC 2012.

Good job on this report!


nmcil said...

Great Big Thank You for posting this - what a huge surprise - but really with the numbers involved in the zompires fights, it makes sense that sheer force of numbers presents the opportunity something like this to happen.

Unknown said...

I'm really a Buffy fan, and I like both season 8 and season 9 so far, but this is just booooooooring!
Hope she gets that parched quickly. Also, when is magic coming back? pleaaaaaaaaase
Remember, we have Dark Willow in the future, she MUST need some magic to get there.

Tara said...

Thanks everyone! Yes, it was kind of hard to keep this one quiet, it's so crazy.

And actually disagree about it being boring, Matt, since it's so nmcil said. Way more interesting than random lesbian sex, no? But I do agree with you about the return of Magic. I'm really itching for that as well.

Miguel Monteiro said...

I'm thinking magic won't come back until at least the end of this season, since from what I've heard it focuses on the magic-less world. maybe willow will find a way to get just enough magic out of somewhere to reattach her arm!

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if Angel will give her some of the Mohra blood to make her arm grow back.