Thursday, May 24, 2012

Buffy Season 8 Library Edition Vol. 1 Out Now!

We originally thought this super awesome "Library Edition" hardcover collection of the first 10 issues of Buffy S.8 was to be released on May 30, but we were wrong! It's out now and looks spectacular. It's a really lovely looking hard cover with dust jacket and ribbon bookmark...what a good gift for someone who has yet to transition to the comics from the show. This deluxe, over-sized edition contains the first two arcs of S.8 (10 issues), plus two one-shots.

It's also chock full of extras! Three page one-shot written by Joss and drawn by Jo Chen (My Space Dark Horse Presents "Always Darkest"), sketchbook by Georges Jeanty, all the variant covers, etc.

The hardcover is selling at TFAW for $26.99 and likely at a comic shoppe near you!

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